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Fire Protection System
Description : Supply and Erection of Fire Protection System.
State : Andhra Pradesh
Tender Value : 57,79,200
Closing Date : 7/6/2016
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Clean Guard Fire Extinguishers
Description : Clean Guard Fire Extinguishers FE05 and Clean Guard Fire Extinguishers FE09.
State : Telangana
Tender Value : Not Available
Closing Date : 24/5/2016
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Fire Water Tender
Description : Supply of Fire Water Tender type B for fire brigade use.
State : Andhra Pradesh
Tender Value : 63,13,280
Closing Date : 17/5/2016
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Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers
Description : Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers of all branches for a period of 2 years.
State : Telangana
Tender Value : 55,56,096
Closing Date : 11/5/2016
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Refilling of Fire Extinguishers
Description : Maintenance, Testing, Repairs and Refilling of Fire Extinguishers of various types.
State : Andhra Pradesh
Tender Value : 4,39,034
Closing Date : 10/5/2016
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Fire Safety Equipment
Description : Providing Fire Hydrant, Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm System.
State : Andhra Pradesh
Tender Value : 1,75,52,702
Closing Date : 21/4/2016
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Maintenance of Fire Fighting Vehicle
Description : Maintenance of Fire Fighting Vehicle(Multipurpose) and Fire Station Maintenance for the year 2016-17 - one driver and three fire men for each shift under IALA Funds.
State : Andhra Pradesh
Tender Value : 23,60,244
Closing Date : 20/4/2016
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Fire Detection & Alarm System
Description : Supply of Fire Detection and Alarm System.
State : Telangana
Tender Value : Not Available
Closing Date : 12/4/2016
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Refilling & Servicing of Fire Extinguishers
Description : Refilling and servicing of the existing Fire Extinguishers ABC store pressure 5 Kg & 2 Kg in Central Zone premises Div No.10B.
State : Telangana
Tender Value : 96,100
Closing Date : 11/4/2016
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Branded Fire Extinguishers
Description : Supply of Branded Fire Extinguishers ABC Powder type (6 Kgs Capacity)
State : Telangana
Tender Value : Not Available
Closing Date : 28/3/2016
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