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Electrical Works
Description : Design, Fabrication, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of LT Power Control Centers, Removal of existing panels and cables, Re-termination of cables on new panels and Panel Earthing.
State : Telangana
Tender Value : 2.98 Crore
Closing Date : 8/9/2016
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Erection of 132/33KV Line & 132KV Line
Description : Supply, erection, testing and commissioning of 132/33KV SS at Rudravaram and 132KV LILO (13 KM) from Loc 91 of Nandyal-Allagadda 132KV Line.
State : Andhra Pradesh
Tender Value : 11,90,18,293
Closing Date : 10/8/2016
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Erection of 3rd 50MVA PTR Bay
Description : Erection of 3rd 50MVA PTR Bay with 5 Nos 33KV Feeders at 220KV SS Gachibowli (Electrical & Civil)
State : Telangana
Tender Value : 1,74,79,817
Closing Date : 3/8/2016
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Erection of 220kV DC Line
Description : Supply, erection, testing and commissioning of 220kV DC line from proposed 400kV SS Dindi to existing 220kV Kondamallepally SS (35KM) and 2Nos. 220KV Bays at 220kV Kondamallepally SS.
State : Telangana
Tender Value : 22,42,59,331
Closing Date : 30/7/2016
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Erection of 132 KV SS
Description : Supply, erection, construction, testing and commissioning of (i) 132 KV Pachikapallam SS, (ii) 132 DC/SC line from 220/132 KV Nagari SS and Bay at 220/132 KV Nagari SS.
State : Andhra Pradesh
Tender Value : 20,04,66,174
Closing Date : 29/7/2016
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Erection of 132KV Features
Description : Erection of 132KV features at 220KV Thimmajipeta Switching station, Erection of 132KV DC line from 132KV SS Balanagar to 220KV Sw. Station Thimamjipeta (30KM), Erection of 2 Nos 132KV Bays at 132/33KV SS Balanagar on turnkey basis.
State : Telangana
Tender Value : 19,47,03,499
Closing Date : 28/7/2016
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Erection of 132KV DC Line
Description : Erection of 132KV DC Line for making LILO of 1 Circuit of existing 132KV SS Jakora to 132KV SS Bichkunda DC line (7 Km) at 132/33KV SS Banswada.
State : Telangana
Tender Value : 3,70,00,291
Closing Date : 26/7/2016
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Rewiring of Staff Quarters
Description : Rewiring of Staff Quarters.
State : Andhra Pradesh
Tender Value : 36,56,910
Closing Date : 26/7/2016
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Replacement of Lights
Description : Replacement of conventional lights with LED lights.
State : Andhra Pradesh
Tender Value : 45,78,270
Closing Date : 26/7/2016
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Electrical Works
Description : Providing Electrification and Electrical related works at Dam Site and View Point.
State : Andhra Pradesh
Tender Value : 9,48,337
Closing Date : 25/7/2016
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